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Really? This #NeverTrump movement by fellow conservatives is getting out of hand. Do you realize at this point is that your only real options are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

Look, I get it. I’m not a Trump guy myself. My first choice was Ben Carson, my second choice was Ted Cruz. They were a couple of solid conservatives who would have brought reason, common sense, and strong morals back to the White House. Honestly, Donald Trump was my third to last choice behind John Kasich and Jeb Bush. The strongest points on Donald Trump are his views on immigration and Islam. He’s not a conservative. His morals aren’t the best. Long run, he could potentially do a lot of damage and we’ll have to do a lot of damage control to keep him in check.

But he’s still a better option than the criminal Hillary Clinton. Have you forgotten about Benghazi, those lost emails on her private server, the Clinton Foundation, and her aid’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood? She is still under investigation by the FBI. Any one of these should immediately disqualify her from running for president. If that’s not enough for you, she is promising to continue the failed policies of the Obama administration.

Would you rather have her or Donald Trump? Who do you want selecting the next 3-4 Supreme Court judges? I’ve made my decision. Remember, a vote not for Donald Trump (voting third-party, staying home, leaving the line blank, writing someone in, etc.) is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Isn’t it the goal to keep her out of the White House?

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