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I thought “Hope and Change” was the name of the game in 2008. So why are you so resistant and allergic to change now? Is it because you don’t want the changes? Maybe you don’t like the changes. Was this not what you wanted?

The reality is that the United States federal government is both broke and broken. Yet anytime President Donald Trump (Still hurts, doesn’t it?) proposes some kind of change to try to get our house in order, the Democrats in Congress, most leftists, and most of the mainstream media poo-poo all over it. This attitude isn’t surprising; it’s just lame and pathetic at this point. I thought the Republicans were the party of no, but the Democrats aren’t even trying to agree on some “common sense” legislation. Unlike the “common sense” legislation the Democrats propose though, what Donald Trump wants doesn’t require a constitutional amendment to strip away a right. In some cases, it doesn’t even require a bill to pass Congress. Some of his propositions just require enforcing the law on the books.

Let’s start off with immigration. Why are leftists, mainstream media, and activist judges working so hard to prevent President Trump from ending DACA, an unconstitutional program designed to protect illegal aliens brought to the country as minors? Per the laws of this country, people who are in the country illegally should be deported. The key word to this is ILLEGAL meaning not legal. President Trump is actually being benevolent offering possible amnesty to some of the people affected if he can get a deal on some other points. Most other country have laws dealing with people who enter illegally that are enforced. In addition, most other countries have physical barriers to prevent entry. There are already multiple laws on the books which state that there should be barriers on our southern border, so what’s taking so long? One of the few obligations of the United States government is to protect citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. Considering the Mexico is in the middle of a violent drug war that has leaked into our country, shouldn’t we be protected from people who aren’t supposed to be here? So everyone else has the right to be protected but we don’t? Where have I heard that kind of logic before?

Another thing that is resistant to change is the amount of money the government is spending along with trillion dollar deficits. Clearly, elected officials are afraid of making the tough decisions that need to be made and President Trump didn’t run as a spend thrift. Not only do we refuse to acknowledge an almost $21 TRILLION debt, but we refuse to even touch or talk about cutting the “mandatory spending” that takes up over 60% of federal spending. These programs include but aren’t limited to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, the Earned Income Credit, SNAP aka Food Stamps, unemployment, federal retire programs, and the VA. The only time we talk about touching these programs is to increase funding or slow down the rate of increase. However, most of these programs are broken and in need of desperate reform. However, we can’t talk about solutions without being accused of wanting to kill grandma or wanting children to suffer.

For example, President Trump talked about possibly saving some money on SNAP by providing recipients who get at least $90/month with a package of self-stable food items that will account for half of their benefits with the thought that getting the items wholesale would be cheaper than buying them retail. But the President is accused of interfering in the “free market model” and that " the budget seems to assume that participating in SNAP is a character flaw." First, when did Democrats actually start caring about the free market? The interference in the free market began by giving people money that they didn’t earn. Besides, remember Obamacare? Second, participating in SNAP IS a character flaw. It means that you are unable to provide for yourself and your family. It’s one thing if you’re disabled, but if you are an able-bodied person, you should be embarrassed to ask for food stamps. Back to the topic at hand, at least this is an effort to try to fix something. Do I think this solution will work? No, because I don’t think the government is capable of doing something like this efficient and effectively. It’ll end up being more expensive than what we have now just due to sheer incompetence. But maybe this effort will start a conversation. And I don’t mean one of those conversations that leftists and minority groups want to have where they get to talk and everyone else has to shut up and agree. Conversations require dialogue and civility.

That last part gets me to the saddest and most ridiculous part. As Americans, we can’t have conversations any more about these and other important issues without shouting, screaming, protests, and rioting. What has happened in the last 15 years? College campuses weren’t acting like this when I was completing my undergraduate degree. The hatred and vitriol that President Trump, conservatives, Republicans, moderates, or even people who have a different view than what is deemed acceptable by universities, leftists, and the media is absolutely mind-blowing. It’s come to the point that we can’t even have a proper discussion anymore and forums where this can happen is shrinking. Safe spaces and rules against “hate speech” have become the norm. What you are permitted to do or say depends on your age, race, gender, (Sex and gender are the same thing. If you think otherwise, you need help.) sexual orientation, and religion. The more “oppressed” you are, the more license you get. Fortunately, some liberals actually get this and are willing to listen to the other side. The more each of us gets our views challenged, the better off we become. When we have a proper debate, one of two things will happen. Either you will learn something which will make you at least re-think your preconceived notions if not change your stance completely, or you will be better able to argue your point based on actual evidence and data instead of just anecdotal evidence. For example, Dave Rubin had his mind blown in the middle of an interview with Larry Elder. Below is the moment that made him re-evaluate his stance. This could only happen because he is willing to listen.

We’ve become resistant to change because we are resistant to listen. Instead of listening and thinking, the hatred has become so strong that some media outlets are praising Kim Jong Un’s sister at the Olympics. The sister of the brutal dictator of North Korea. As in actual evil people. Yet President Trump and Vice President Pence are deemed to be the evil ones? Really?

Resistant to change. Resistant to listen. Resistant to reality.

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