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Some of you are going to love this post. Most of you will hate it. My job is to ell the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, and some of you can’t handle the truth. However, the truth shall set you free. I’m out of clichés.

Bernie Sanders is an admitted “democratic socialist”. There used to be a time not that long ago where socialism was proven to be a very bad thing in America and one step away from communism. Millennials, who were mostly born after the Cold War and grew up in an era of relative peace and prosperity until the 2008 recession, are buying into Bernie’s ideas and proposals. Who could blame them? He’s offering free college, free health care, a cut in student loan rates, jobs for everybody, free trade, a $15/hour minimum wage, 12 weeks of paid family leave, and infrastructure improvements. Who will pay for all of this free stuff? The rich of course! What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s a reality check…. EVERYTHING!!!

Socialism assumes that wealth is either inherited or stolen and some people have too much. Everyone should be entitled to their fair share to support themselves and their families. If the rich aren’t going to distribute their wealth, the government should confiscate it at will. That’s fine, but what happens when the flow of money stops because the rich has no more money to give away? The government has to step in and start rationing resources the best way they know how to see fit. Except governments are, by definition, corrupt. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

America was built on capitalism though. We believe that if someone works hard and is properly educated, they can be successful and work their way up. Wealth is achieved through hard work, long hours, and years of saving and investing. No one deserves to have their hard work taken way because they are deemed to have too much. Everyone is held personally accountable for their own actions.

Unfortunately, most millennials don’t believe this. They see how successful earlier generations were and ask why they have to struggle to survive. They hear Bernie Sanders’s message and it’s like 2008 all over again, “Hope and Change.” Haven’t we learned anything in the last eight years? Obama’s plans have all failed, yet you want to further invest in failed policies? Bernie Sanders believe that our government is failing, yet he wants to increase the size of government? That’s stupid. I’m going to make this idiot proof for you.

If Bernie Sanders is offering free college, he’s admitting to two MAJOR failures:

  1. Our K-12 public education system is not preparing children for either college or the real world and the government has no means to rectify the situation.
  2. College tuition is way too high and there is too much student loan debt despite more students attending college than ever before and a degree being required for almost any job.

Most people would agree that the public school system is broken, but throwing more money at the problem won’t fix it; we tried that already. If students aren’t ready for life after high school, it’s the responsibility of the school the students attended, the parents, and the students themselves. In addition, the students chose to go to college and take out unsustainable debt for meaningless degrees. How about taking some responsibility for those decisions? Infrastructure improvements? Wasn’t that what the stimulus was for?

Free healthcare, a living wage, and paid family leave at the cost of employers and taxpayers? What a joke! None of these things are a right. You want it? You earn it. Health care needs to be completely blown up because we are doing it wrong. In addition, doctors can’t afford to give quality care anymore because they are not properly reimbursed by insurance companies and the government. Individuals should be responsible for their own health care, not everybody else. Raising the minimum wage is ridiculous and will only lead to price increases and layoffs. There used to be a time where people learned trades, created products, and provided services that were worth paying for. If you aren’t doing anything of value, why should we pay you for it? If you have a problem with how much you are making, go make yourself more valuable. As for paid family leave, why should anyone pay for you to be away from work for 12 weeks. If you want to have a family, congratulations. But that’s your responsibility. Plan and save up for it. None of us should pay for your right to reproduce.

It’s clear that the millennial generation grew up with an entitled mentality. A lot of people who I have grown up with or went to school with never understood the value of hard work or the value of a dollar. Unfortunately, there are more people ignorant of American values and American history. Bernie Sanders is tapping into this mentality and as the uneducated and entitled grows, so does his support. But his proposals come with a major price: 18 trillion dollars. We are already in debt 19 trillion…

“Feel the Bern”? More like “feel the burn”. I have a better catchphrase if Bernie Sanders is elected:

Here comes the pain.

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