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I’m sure most of us have some hobbies that we do on the side.  Some are things people know about and allow us to indulge in.  Others include hidden sides that few, if any, may know.  For me, this hidden side is poetry.  I engaged in it little when I was in high school and college but have put it off to the side for a few years.  However, I’ve come up with a few pieces recently that I would like to share.  Any and all comments are welcome!


Once upon a time a long long time ago

There used to be a boy who life no rhythm and flow.

He thought once he was free that he could live a life full of depth

However, he failed to realize the path led only to death.

The boy became a man full of nothing but confusion,

Never truly fitting in, not knowing if he was human.

He thought he could figure out alone; he didn’t need anyone.

He thought he didn’t need God to get into heaven.

But one Sunday, he went to church and learned God’s word has shown

That Jesus loves everyone if we we’re willing to just come home.

He gained a group of friends who taught him what he was missing,

That God has a plan for us, a goal, a purpose, a mission.

The man thought he knew it all, but boy was he wrong.

A deep look in his heart shown him he need to learn a new song.

Now the man is truly alive and string to live for Christ.

Turning from my sin, my old live was truly the right price.

For He died for me; he died for you.  He died for all mankind.

The lost need just to seek Him.  Oh What such a great find!

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