The Power of Roger Goodell

When Roger Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue as NFL commissioner in 2006, players getting into trouble off the field was become a major problem.  With players like Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry getting arrested every other week and a multitude of other players committing various legal infractions going unpunished by the league, it appeared as though a firm hand was needed.   Long-term suspensions for Jones and Henry in 2007 seemed to send a message that improper behavior was no longer tolerated.or accepted.

But when did he start going too far?  Ben Roethlisberger was suspended in 2008 for six games before having it reduced to four due to an incident where he was never arrested nor charged with a crime.  In 2012 the Bountygate suspensions were overturned by Tagliabue, claiming that Goodell overreached.  Ray Rice had his suspension overturned in 2014 by a judge when he was suspended indefinitely after originally being suspended for two games.  Adrian Peterson later had a suspension overruled by a judge due to overreach by Goodell.  An arbitrator reduced Greg Hardy’s suspension in a ruling which stated that Goodell retroactively applied the new 2014 Personal Conduct Policy for an event that happened beforehand and taking forever to decide to suspend him.  Even Tom Brady had his Bountygate suspension overturned once in court.  Now all of those suspensions, with the exception of Tom Brady, falls under the personal conduct policy.  The policy gives full rein over any punishments to the Commissioner.

But now this takes the cake.  The NFL has threatened to suspend James Harrison, Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, and Mike Neal for refusing to cooperate with a steroid investigation initiated by a report from Al-Jazeera (aka the Terrorist News Network) that has since been retracted.  While the personal conduct policy has plenty of gray areas, the performance enhancing substances policy makes it clear that any investigation or suspension must result from a positive test.  None of those players have tested positive to this point, meaning that this investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt.

More and more players like Aaron Rodgers are coming out in regards to the Commissioner’s power.  They are having buyer’s remorse after not negotiating about this in the CBA ratified in 2011, well most players are.  The Steelers rejected the CBA over concerns about Goodell’s power, especially in regards to “illegal hits”.  James Harrison was even suspended one game for an “illegal hit”.

With an increasing mistrust among players towards the league when it comes to discipline and towards Roger Goodell and even more cases being sent to appeal and being settled in court, it might only be a matter of time before things blow over.  The current CBA expires after the 2020 season.  We’ll see if it lasts that long.

American Ignorance

Let me see if I got this right. If I were to ever stand with #BlackLivesMatter, I would get a ton of likes. When I post #BlueLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter, I have condemnation in a conversation thread a mile long. Talking about #PokemonGo would get me a ton of likes.


Yet talking about Hillary Clinton lying to the FBI gets silence. Talking about Radical Islamic terrorism — the biggest issue of our time — gets silence. The terrorist attack in Nice, France is at least the third major terrorist attack in France in the last year and a half. And that’s not including other attacks throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, most of which go unmentioned in our media but kill scores of people daily. Or the three that took place on U.S. soil in the last year.  There are more lone wolf attacks from Muslims within our borders than ever before.


Given this backdrop and the damage being done by Syrian refugees in Europe (robberies, murders, rapes, etc), Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to increase the number of Syrian refugees, very few of whom have papers.  Lest we forget that there were Syrian refugees involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks.  And they have the nerve to call Donald Trump crazy for closing our doors to Muslims until the situation is under control.


Who’s the crazy one now?


While America spends its time waging a war between black lives and police lives or obsessed over Pokémon again, radical followers of a religion founded by a sadistic, plundering, sexist, racist, raping pedophile are looking to kill us all.  They kill straight people, gay people, bisexual people, transgender people, white people, black people, brown people, men, women, children, Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Scientologist, and other Muslims.  Don’t let the media deceive you; bombings and shootings are an everyday occurrence in some countries.


Prayers are encouraged, but it’s time for action.  It’s time for real leaders to step up and do what needs to be done to protect the free world.  The last thing we need right now is political correctness.  That has gotten us nowhere in the last eight years.  If we don’t get a handle on radical Islamic terrorism, then #BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #PokemonGo, #LoveisLove, or #AllLivesMatter will be the least of our problems.


Wake up!  Or there won’t be any lives to matter.


Purpose of the Press

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Most of you should recognize that as the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.   A lot of power and responsibility is recognized in that sentence.  First of all, the government doesn’t grant us these rights; these rights are provided to us naturally and the government cannot interfere with those rights.  The two that are rarely addressed are the right of the people to petition the Government and the freedom of the press.  The press is specifically mentioned because the press has one major responsibility…

To be a watchdog on the Government.

The press has slacked off on the job for decades now, trying to distract us with other issues such as bathrooms.   Fortunately, somebody is doing their job.  This report first came out last year and you can read the article for yourself along with the follow-up articles here and here.  While this report deals with state politicians, similar events happen on the local and national levels as well.

We as Americans should expect and demand transparency from our government at all times, and anything shady should be brought to the light.  Any laws passed should be short, in plain languages, and be debated by representatives and the public at large before being voted on.  The press is to help facilitate between lawmakers and the public.  The majority of the press has abdicated their duty in the name of ratings and manipulation.  The only way things are going to change for the better is for the press to start doing their jobs again.  If they did, Barack Obama would have never became president or would have won re-election.

Just saying.

Do You Really Want Another President Clinton?

Really?  This #NeverTrump movement by fellow conservatives is getting out of hand.  Do you realize at this point is that your only real options are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

Look, I get it.  I’m not a Trump guy myself.  My first choice was Ben Carson, my second choice was Ted Cruz.  They were a couple of solid conservatives who would have brought reason, common sense, and strong morals back to the White House.  Honestly, Donald Trump was my third to last choice behind John Kasich and Jeb Bush.  The strongest points on Donald Trump are his views on immigration and Islam.  He’s not a conservative.  His morals aren’t the best.  Long run, he could potentially do a lot of damage and we’ll have to do a lot of damage control to keep him in check.

But he’s still a better option than the criminal Hillary Clinton.  Have you forgotten about Benghazi, those lost emails on her private server, the Clinton Foundation, and her aid’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood?  She is still under investigation by the FBI.  Any one of these should immediately disqualify her from running for president.  If that’s not enough for you, she is promising to continue the failed policies of the Obama administration.

Would you rather have her or Donald Trump?  Who do you want selecting the next 3-4 Supreme Court judges? I’ve made my decision.  Remember, a vote not for Donald Trump (voting third-party, staying home, leaving the line blank, writing someone in, etc.) is a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Isn’t it the goal to keep her out of the White House?

Wendy Bell and the Outrage of Black Pittsburgh

Trigger Warning: This post contains truthful information that may be offensive or sensitive to certain segments of the population such as college students, liberals, and blacks.  I am not responsible for any hurt feelings this may cause.  Of course, I don’t care about your feelings.

Wendy Bell fired after 18 years and 21 Emmys

Pittsburgh reporter Wendy Bell was fired from WTAE after making some controversial remarks on her Facebook page after a recent shooting.  As we all know, when we talk about controversy and black people, it usually means black people don’t like what someone else said about them because it’s the truth.  Her comments came after a March 9th shooting where 5 adults and an unborn child were killed at a backyard cookout in Wilkinsburg, a Pittsburgh suburb.  The comments which stirred up the black community more than the shooting itself?

‘Next to, “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand time,” I remember my mom most often saying to my sister and me when we were  young and constantly fighting, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve really had nothing nice to say these past 11 days and so this page has been quiet. There’s no nice words to write when a coward holding an AK-47 hoses down a family and their friends sharing laughs and a mild evening on a back porch in Wilkinsburg. There’s no kind words when 6 people are murdered. When there children have to hide for cover and then emerge from the frightened shadows to find their mother’s face blown off or their father’s twisted bod leaking blood into the dirt from all the bullet holes. There’s just been nothing nice to say. And I’ve been dragging around this feeling like a cold I can’t shake that rattles in my chest each time I breathe and makes my temples throb. I don’t want to hurt anymore. I’m tired of hurting.

You needn’t be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so man hearts two weeks ago Wednesday. I will tell you they live within 5 miles of Franklin Avenue and Ardmore Boulevard and have been hiding out since in a home likely much closer to that backyard patio than anyone thinks. they are young black men, likely teens are in their early 20′s. They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have grown up in the system before. They’ve grown up there. They know the police. They’ve been arrested. They’ve made the circuit and nothing has scared them enough. Now they are lost. Once you kill a neighbor’s three children, two nieces and her unborn grandson, there’s no coming back. There’s nothing nice to say about that.

But there is HOPE. and Joe and I caught a glimpse of it Saturday night. A young, African American teen hustling like nobody’s business at a restaurant we took the boys to over at the Southside Works. This child stacked heavy glass glasses 10 high and carried three teetering towers of them in one hand with plates puled high in the other. He wiped off the tables. Tended to the chairs. Got down on his hands and knees to pick up the scraps that had fallen to the floor. And he did tall this with a rhythm like a dancer with a satisfied smile on his face. And I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He’s going to Make it.

When Joe paid the bill, I asked to see the manager. He came over to our table apprehensively and I told him that that young man was the best thing that his restaurant had going. The manger beamed and agreed that his young employee was special. As the boys and we put on our coats and started walking out — I saw the manager put his arm around that child’s shoulder and pat him on the back in congratulation. It will be some time before I forget that smile that beamed across that young worker’s face — or the look in his eyes as we caught each other’s gaze. I wonder how long it had been since someone told him he was special.”

This isn’t a reporter who doesn’t know about the community.  WTAE’s headquarters are a half-mile from the scene of this shooting.  I’ve lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and have spent quite a bit of time in Wilkinsburg.  While there are a couple of safe pockets, it’s mostly a large, poor, crime infested, gang banging, drug-ridden community and has been so for the better part of three decades.  Blacks make up 66% of the population.  The community is so troubled that the school district will be sending their students in grades 7-12 to Westinghouse High School (another failing public school) in the Pittsburgh Public School District.  Black murders are in the news so common that most people just gloss over it as if it’s an everyday thing.  Naturally, most reporters are used to reporting on this kind of thing every single day.  The only thing unusual about this shooting is the number of people targeted and killed.

Based on Wendy Bell’s comments, here’s a profile for who the perps are:

  1.  Live within 5 miles of the crime scene
  2. Hiding out in a nearby home
  3. Black
  4. Males
  5. Age ranging from 15 to 26
  6. Multiple siblings from multiple fathers
  7. Mother works multiple jobs
  8. Arrested or cited for previous incidents

At least seven of those items will be spot on if/when they arrest the people involved.  If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize.  But I’m not.  And if every black person were honest, they would admit that I’m not.  It’s a fact that blacks commit eight times more crime than whites despite making up 13% of the population.  It’s a fact that blacks commit half of all homicides in the United States despite making up 13% of the population.  It’s a fact that blacks commit 38.5% of all violent crime despite making up 13% of the population.  It’s a fact that over 90% of all black murders are committed by blacks.  The majority of these crimes are committed by black males between the ages of 15 and 34.  It’s a fact that blacks have a tendency to not talk to the police or as they like to call it, “Stop Snitchin'”.  It’s a fact that over 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock and 67% are raised by single mothers.  It’s a fact that there are 75 black men to every 100 black women, meaning there are a lot of black men who are either in jail, dead, or are unavailable due to other means.  It’s a fact 59% of black mothers with multiple children have multiple fathers.  It’s a fact that children without fathers in the home are more likely to be poor, do drugs, get arrested, not graduate from high school, and have children as teenagers.

However, there is a message of hope in all of this.  The Facebook posted mentioned a story about a black teen who was working hard at a restaurant, a teen who valued his job and put everything he had into it.  If anyone wants to avoid any of those traps and do something positive, they have to work for it.  Contrary to what most black people think, nothing is given to anyone in life.  Life is, by design, unfair.  The decisions we make impact our lives and the lives of those around us.  Every single statistic above can be prevented with better decision-making by individuals and the community.

Was it wise for Wendy to place this post on a work-related Facebook page?  Probably not.  Of course, the firing was nothing more than a PR move.  WTAE is free to let her go for any reason or no reason as Pennsylvania is an “at-will” state.  However, I have two questions that I want an answer for:

  1.  Why are blacks more upset about the comments she made than the shooting itself?  And why is there more news coverage about the comments than the shooting?
  2. When Wendy Bell is proven to be absolutely correct, will she be reinstated to her job with a full apology and back-pay?

Please feel free to respond, but if you are going to attack myself, my character, or my post, I demand that you answer my first question and explain why you are more outraged by anything I say than all of the evil going on in the black community.  And for all of those who are outraged,

Why Martavis? Why?

Once upon a time, there was a wide receiver who was very talented physically but had some issues of the field.  He liked to smoke marijuana in his free time.  An NFL team decided to take a chance on him and he was able to put up big numbers on the field as a rookie.  However, he was suspended for a few games before his second year in the league.  The troubled wide receiver promised to clean up his act and returned to dominating on the field after returning for suspension.  However, he broke his promise to stay clean and sober.  As a result, the talented wide receiver is serving a season-long suspension.

I’m not talking about Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.

I’m talking about Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant.  Bryant is suspended for the 2016 NFL regular season for missing drug tests.

WHY????!!!  He just completely ruined my Madden 17 team.  Do you know how long I have wanted to have a tall receiver that I can throw deep to and know he is going to out-jump everyone for the ball?  Now I need a new plan.

My Madden woes aside, this is a major problem.  When I started this website, I promised to call a spade a spade.  I am on record for calling Josh Gordon a weed head who needed to get his issues fixed.  I called Johnny Manziel an alcoholic and said he needed help.   So what do I call a player who went down the same road that Josh Gordon went down?

Regardless of your feelings for marijuana, there are rules and laws that must be obeyed.  Only Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana.  Marijuana is still prohibited per federal law and in most states.  Most importantly, marijuana is prohibited in the NFL with clear consequences spelled out.  In order for a player to be suspended for an entire season for marijuana, he would have had to fail at least FIVE drug tests.  FIVE!

And weed isn’t addictive?

NFL teams are offering players hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to play football for their team.  In exchange for getting paid millions of dollars, they ask that the players don’t get in trouble off the field and they stay clean in regards to illegal substances.  They don’t have to like the rules, but they do have to follow them.   If they have a problem and think drugs are more important than football, they won’t play anymore.

While Josh Gordon and Martavis Bryant are going down the same road, the impact to their respective franchises is completely different.  Josh Gordon was the best playmaker on a horrible roster and the Browns picked him in the second round of the 2012 supplemental draft, a relatively large investment.  The Steelers drafted Bryant in the fourth round of the 2014 and while the loss still hurts, the Steelers are still loaded on offense.

For his own well-being, I pray that Martavis Bryant gets help to resolve whatever issues he has.  But only Bryant can decide which path he is going to take.

The Pointless Debate

Over the last 10-20 years, I have had many heated political discussions with people of different colors, different backgrounds, and different walks of life.  Social media has made it easier to have these discussions and meet all kinds of people.  When having such discussions, my goal is to be as clear minded and rational as possible when arguing my point of view while trying to use as much anecdotal evidence as possible.  While I would respect their point of view, I expect them to respect my point of view as well.  The most successful ones are the ones that we can agree on some common ground or the ones where we have a lot in common.  At all times, I expect all parties to be reasonable, rational, and respectful…

Which is why I can’t debate most leftist.  Not liberals, but leftists.  The ones that have taken over the Democratic Party.

To those who read my blog on a regular basis, this doesn’t apply to you; you’re some of the few rational ones.  For all the others, I can guarantee that at some point during the discussion, whoever I am debating with will start yelling, screaming, cursing, and interrupting me.  Then they will start insulting me.  They’ll call me a racist, a sexist, a bigot, a “homophobe”, a house n****r, and my personal favorite, an Uncle Tom.  The logic behind these insults is because I am a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, Uncle Tom, anything and everything I say holds no value, despite the value of my argument.

Seriously, what’s up with the character assassinations?  Your logic would hold value if you can prove anything in my words or actions that I am any of those things.  How am I racist?  I thought blacks couldn’t be racist.  How am I against women?  How am I bigoted and what I am bigoted against?  How am I afraid of gay people and homosexuality?  Do you even know who Uncle Tom was?  Every single conservative and Republican has been called at least one of these in the last 8 years.  Black conservatives have been called these and more.  Of course, the ones doing the name calling want to shift the debate away from the topic we are discussing because they don’t have any legitimate, constructive argument.

Unfortunately, we have to realize that most leftists already have the preconceived notion that conservatives are racists, bigoted, and homophobic despite having no evidence on the grand scale on the matter.  They already hate us from the start.   Most of us the receiving end of these insults try to prove how they aren’t racist, sexist bigoted, homophobic, or an Uncle Tom.  I’m going to start taking Ben Shapiro’s view on this matter.  Don’t try to have a logical, rational debate against someone who is not logical and rational.  The proper response, starting at 2:21:

I prefer the word jagoff instead, but the message is the same.  If they are going to resort to character assassinations based on no evidence, we have to hit them back.  The difference is that we have evidence proving the person we are debating is indeed a jagoff.  Make them explain why they aren’t a jagoff.  The only other option is to ignore them and walk away.  In fact, Ben Shapiro came up with 11 rules for debating a leftist and the e-book How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them is recommended reading.

Until the day comes where we can have a rational debate again, we have to fight against the big, bad bully.  From personal experience, talking, telling a teacher, crying, and running away won’t deal with a bully; the only way to deal with a bully is to punch them in the mouth.

The Fight for Privacy, Apple vs. FBI

The battle is on!

For those of you that have been living under a rock, the FBI and Apple have been engaged in a legal battle over unlocking the iPhone of the terrorist in the San Bernadino attack.  The FBI wants to get into the phone to further investigate the attack, having already previously obtained a warrant.  However, they cannot get into the phone since there is a pass code.  It’s a newer model phone with built-in encryption and investigators are worried the data would be wiped if they tried to get access to the phone by brute force–10,000 combinations and the phone will probably wipe itself after 10 tries.  In order to get access to the phone, The FBI has asked Apple to essentially create an alternate versions of iOS (which may or may not exist) where it would be easier to get around the encryption.

The FBI would love to be able to get into this phone.  Who knows what kind of people these shooters were talking to or being influenced by?  They cold have been in contact with other like-minded people.  If there is a chance of stopping another terrorist attack before it gets off the ground, it’s a chance worth taking.  We are talking about protecting innocent lives after all.   The use of such a technology will (hopefully) be used in very isolated cases, right?

From Apple’s perspective, they haven’t developed this technology yet, so they say.  The government can’t –or at least shouldn’t– dictate to a private company what products they can create.  Even if they did create this technology, how do we know the government won’t use it against us?  We’ve already been subject to wiretapping, drone surveillance, stripping at the airport, etc.  This could be another tool used against us to obtain our information.  In addition, our government computers aren’t very secure at all and could be hacked at any point.  A hacktivist group like Anonymous or another country such as China could do some dangerous, dangerous things if they were to use this backdoor.

Obviously, there are some dangerous implication depending on which way this case goes and this could end up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  In addition, Congress may decide to act on the matter.  When it comes to technology, privacy, and security, it never falls on party lines nor should it.  While I see how important it is for the FBI to get into this phone, this is a slippery slope I’m not going down.  I’m not willing to trade a little liberty for security.

However, I’m curious about what everyone else thinks.  Am I the only one who thinks this way or am I crazy?  Feel free to comment below or on any of my social media channels.

Bernie Sanders, Millennials, and Why They Are Wrong…About Everything

Some of you are going to love this post.  Most of you will hate it.  My job is to ell the truth.  Sometimes the truth hurts, and some of you can’t handle the truth.  However, the truth shall set you free.

I’m out of clichés.

Bernie Sanders is an admitted “democratic socialist”.   There used to be a time not that long ago where socialism was proven to be a very bad thing in America and one step away from communism.  Millennials, who were mostly born after the Cold War and grew up in an era of relative peace and prosperity until the 2008 recession, are buying into Bernie’s ideas and proposals.  Who could blame them?   He’s offering free college, free health care, a cut in student loan rates, jobs for everybody, free trade, a $15/hour minimum wage, 12 weeks of paid family leave, and infrastructure improvements.  Who will pay for all of this free stuff?  The rich of course!  What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s a reality check….  EVERYTHING!!!

Socialism assumes that wealth is either inherited or stolen and some people have too much.  Everyone should be entitled to their fair share to support themselves and their families.  If the rich aren’t going to distribute their wealth, the government should confiscate it at will.  That’s fine, but what happens when the flow of money stops because the rich has no more money to give away?  The government has to step in and start rationing resources the best way they know how to see fit.  Except governments are, by definition, corrupt.  Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

America was built on capitalism though.  We believe that if someone works hard and is properly educated, they can be successful and work their way up.  Wealth is achieved through hard work, long hours, and years of saving and investing.  No one deserves to have their hard work taken way because they are deemed to have too much.  Everyone is held personally accountable for their own actions.

Unfortunately, most millennials don’t believe this.  They see how successful earlier generations were and ask why they have to struggle to survive.  They hear Bernie Sanders’s message and it’s like 2008 all over again, “Hope and Change.”  Haven’t we learned anything in the last eight years?  Obama’s plans have all failed, yet you want to further invest in failed policies?  Bernie Sanders believe that our government is failing, yet he wants to increase the size of government?  That’s stupid.   I’m going to make this idiot proof for you.

If Bernie Sanders is offering free college, he’s admitting to two MAJOR failures:

  1. Our K-12 public education system is not preparing children for either college or the real world and the government has no means to rectify the situation.
  2. College tuition is way too high and there is too much student loan debt despite more students attending college than ever before and a degree being required for almost any job.

Most people would agree that the public school system is broken, but throwing more money at the problem won’t fix it; we tried that already.  If students aren’t ready for life after high school, it’s the responsibility of the school the students attended, the parents, and the students themselves.  In addition, the students chose to go to college and take out unsustainable debt for meaningless degrees.  How about taking some responsibility for those decisions?  Infrastructure improvements?  Wasn’t that what the stimulus was for?

Free healthcare, a living wage, and paid family leave at the cost of employers and taxpayers?  What a joke!  None of these things are a right.  You want it?  You earn it.  Health care needs to be completely blown up because we are doing it wrong.  In addition, doctors can’t afford to give quality care anymore because they are not properly reimbursed by insurance companies and the government.  Individuals should be responsible for their own health care, not everybody else.  Raising the minimum wage is ridiculous and will only lead to price increases and layoffs.  There used to be a time where people learned trades, created products, and provided services that were worth paying for.  If you aren’t doing anything of value, why should we pay you for it?  If you have a problem with how much you are making, go make yourself more valuable.  As for paid family leave, why should anyone pay for you to be away from work for 12 weeks.  If you want to have a family, congratulations.  But that’s your responsibility.  Plan and save up for it.  None of us should pay for your right to reproduce.

It’s clear that the millennial generation grew up with an entitled mentality.  A lot of people who I have grown up with or went to school with never understood the value of hard work or the value of a dollar.  Unfortunately, there are more people ignorant of American values and American history.  Bernie Sanders is tapping into this mentality and as the uneducated and entitled grows, so does his support.  But his proposals come with a major price:  $18 trillion.  We are already in debt $19 trillion…

“Feel the Burn”?  More like “feel the burn”.   I have a better catchphrase if Bernie Sanders is elected:

Here comes the pain.

The Obligatory Johnny Football Post

It has been reported that the Cleveland Browns will release Johnny Manziel on March 9.  Normally, the release of a Cleveland Browns’ quarterback comes after a horrible two to three year tenure and is accompanied by a new coach, general manager, or both.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Manziel is different though.  He isn’t being released for being crappy on the field.  We don’t know if he is a good quarterback, bad quarterback, mediocre quarterback or anything else.  Here are his career stats:

14 games total, 8 starts, 2-6 record as a starter

Passing: 147/258, 57.0%, 1,675 yds, 7 TDs, 7 INTs, 6.5 yds/attempt, 74.4 passer rating

Rushing:  46 carries, 259 yds, 1 TD

That’s it.  That’s all we have for two years.  There have been flashes of brilliance and glimpses of ineptitude, but we have less of an idea now than we did at the beginning of the 2015 season about what kind of player Manziel was going to be, at least on the field.  It’s his off field actions which are concerning.  And disturbing.

There have been many incidents of Manziel partying and drinking while playing college football at Texas A&M.  However, the immature behaviors continued happening once he arrived in the NFL.  In 2014, he flipped the bird during a preseason gamewas called out on his work ethic, and threw at party which led to him missing treatment for a hamstring injury and a one game suspension for Josh Gordon (one of many incidents for him).  Manziel checked himself into rehab for an alcohol addiction after the 2014 season.  In the 2015 season, he continues by getting into not one but two altercations with his girlfriend.   After being named the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, he is caught partying on tape and then benched.  He finished the season reportedly partying in Las Vegas when he was supposed to be with the team undergoing treatment for a concussion.  To this day, no one within the Browns organization knows where Manziel was at week 17.

This may not have drawn as much ire when Paul Tagliabue was commissioner, but it’s only a matter of time before Johnny Manziel is dragged into Roger Goodell’s office.  It’s clear that he has burnt too many bridges in Cleveland.  New head coach Hue Jackson wants to move on from Manziel and start fresh.  He’ll get his wish.  The NFL is usually a league of second and third chances, but Manziel may already be on his seventh or eighth chance after only two years.  I doubt any team would want to sign him or trade for him in the condition he is in now.

Johnny Manziel clearly still has an alcohol addiction.  He did 10 weeks in rehab, but as any recovering addict will tell you, it’s a daily struggle.  Manziel needs help now and football should be far from his mind at this juncture.  He needs someone to hold him accountable every single day.  I’m not an expert on how to beat a drug addiction.  For anyone that is, can you please clue us in?

I hope and pray Manziel comes out of this better.  But I fear he’ll be another one of those athletes who end up broke in five years.

30 for 30 Broke: Part 2.  Coming in the near future